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Tell Your Sweetie You Love Them With These Funny Valentines

Published on Dec 30, 2022

Need a funny Valentine's Day card to send to your sweetie? We have the perfect ones for you!

1. You're an Avocutie

I say this from the pit of my heart., you're an Avo-cutie!! show your valentine that your love for them is just like your love of avocados with this adorable food pun!

2. You're Trout Of This World

WOW! I fish I was as cool as you. Cast your love far out with this funny fish pun, perfect for spawning some appreciation this valentines day!

3. I Love You Snaily Much

I may be slow, but know that my heart beats fast for you, Valentine! There's no shell about it, I just love you that much <3 Spread some love this Valentine's season with this cute snail design!

4. Scream For Me

*Ring, Ring* Hello! I'd like for you to scream for me <3

5. Weed Candy Hearts Pattern

Weed be so cute together! Cannabe your Valentines? Celebrate Valentine's Day with you best bud and these fun stoner candy hearts!

6. Will You Commit Atrocities With Me?

It would make me the happiest mothman in the world if you were to commit atrocities with me, valentine! I don't think I could continue to commit crimes against humanity without you.

7. There's So Mushroom in my Heart

I love you because you're such a fungi, valentine! i just want spore of your love! I can't get enough!

8. You Make Me Thorny Rose

You make me thorny ;) Show your crush, lover, or partner how they make you feel special feelings with this funny, "You Make Me Thorny" rose design!

9. I Can't Eggscape Your Love

I Can't Eggscape Your Love! And I don't want to! Show you loved one how much eggscitement you have for your love!

10. Ur So Hot I'm Melting (Cheese)

OMG, you are like, so hot, I'm melting!! I can't handle this heat! Show your crush, valentine, or favorite cheese that you love them with this funny cheesy pun.

11. You're My Everything Bagel

You're my everything! Show your loved one how much they mean to you with this adorable, "You're My Everything" bagel design!

12. I Froggin' Love You

I Froggin' Love You! I want someone to look at me like this frog looks at his Valentine. Celebrate hoppy-ness and love with this froggy companion!

13. You're The Bee's Knees, Valentine

Would you bee mine, valentine? You're the honey to my hive! You make my heart buzz!!

14. My Cat is My Valentine

I hate to say it, but there is only one creature on this earth that gets enough of my love to be called my valentine, and that valentine is my kitty cat! This adorable and funny my cat is my valentine shirt will get it across to any would be suitors that there is only for you this valentines day!

15. You Complete Me (Pizza)

Take another little pizza my heart now, Valentine! Let somebody know that they complete you in this pizza inspired design.

16. I Love You More Than Trash Raccoon

I love you more than trash – and that's a lot! Share your love to a loved one with this, "I Love You More Than Trash" cute raccoon design!

17. Pho Ever With You

Pho Ever and then some, Valentine! Warm up with this adorable foodie inspired design.

18. My Heart Burns For You More Than My Acid Reflux

No amount of Tums will quell the burning in my chest for you, my love! At least the warmth in my chest is a good one, unlike after I eat spicy chili.

19. Slay Me

Whether you're a lover of gay lingo, or daydream about falling in love with a vampire - this design is for spicy lovers only. Celebrate Valentines Day with this bold, bloody design.

20. I'd Come Out of Hiding For You, Valentine

I'm one step ahead of disaster, chaos follows me wherever I go... Except for you, Valentine! You're the light in the darkness and I would give it all up for you!

21. You Make My Heart Skip a Beet

Nothing Beets a good Beet pun. Show your affection this valentines day (or any day really) with this veggie pun featuring a cute heart shaped beet on it!

22. Noodlin' Into Yer Heart

You've noodled your way into my heart, valentine! You're quite the charmer! Show some love for your valentine this year with this cute danger noodle design featuring a snake wrapping themselves around a heart!

23. I'm Otterly Obsessed With You

I'm otterly obsessed with you, valentine! You otter be mine! Won't you be my significant otter?

24. Will You Brie Mine?

Now that's a cheesy valentine! Girl, you're so Gouda me, would you brie mine? Great to give your cheese obsessed valentine!

25. Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, I'd Give Up Cheese, To Be With You

I love cheese a whole heck of a lot, it's pretty grate! But I'd give it up just to brie with you! Show your valentine how much you care with this adorable rat design!

26. Are You A Ferret? Because You've Stolen My Heart

I love you more than a ferret loves stealing socks!! Show your Significant other how much you love them with this cheesy pickup line. Perfect for Valentines day and Ferret Lovers!

27. I've Taken a Lichen to You

Ya know, I think our relationship is pretty rock solid. It's grown on me, too! I'd say I've taken a lichen to you! Show your love with this groan worthy nature pun, perfect for valentines day or equally, a hike in the woods with your partner!

28. You're Something To Behold

Adventurer I could truly gaze upon you for eternity. Show some love to your significant other with this cute dnd pun, perfect for some dungeon crawling, spell casting, and dragon slaying!

29. Owl Be Your Valentine!

You're such a hoot, valentine! You and me, we're birds of a feather! Won't hoot be mine, darling?

30. Totoro-lly Mine, Valentine

You're my favorite neighbor! Spread the Ghibli love this Valentine's season with this cute Totoro design!

31. Mew Have My Heart, Valentine

Will mew be mine, valentine? I'd make the purrfect significant other. Let me take mew out on a date.