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These Are The Perfect Gifts For Any Cat Lover In Your Life

Published on Nov 9, 2022

Have someone in your life who is obsessed with cats? Maybe a bit too much? Give them the perfect gift with these fun cat-themed products!

1. Look At This Distinguished Gentleman Cat

Look at the way he is sitting, yes, very distinguished, mhm. Show off your love of cats and catchphrases with this funny, cute, "Look At This Distinguished Gentleman" tuxedo cat design!

2. Ghost Cat Pattern

Meooooow boooo, are you feline spooky? Show off your love of cats and ghostly ghost spooky things with this ghost cat pattern design!

3. I Am Emewtional

If you're going to be sad and emewtional at least be sad and emewtional whilst drinking some boba.

4. Always Overstimulated Cat

With everything going on, all of the time, on every screen, always, it's hard NOT to be overstimulated. You know when your cat is overwhelmed, the wide eyed peril. Show off your stressed but cute vibes with this cat meme.

5. Lazy Days Are Good Days

It's okay to have lazy days. Don't feel guilt for taking a nap or having a day to do nothing! Sit back, relax, and recharge.

6. I'm Not Okay

Hi there, I hope you're having a wonderful day! Oh me? Hahaha, I'm not okay! But that's okay! Maybe tomorrow will be better!

7. Pawsitively Spooky

This halloween themed cat shirt features the punny text "Pawsitively Spooky" purrfect for the lover of cats and halloween, skeletons, and all things spooky!

8. All Floof No Brain

There's just not a single thought behind all them floofs. But honestly who cares as long as you're adorable as heck!

9. Pancats

Pancats with purrup and a little pawtter is the sweetest of treats in the morning! This delicious little critter is puurfect for pancake and cat lovers! Part of a complete breakfast!

10. Love Cats Hate Racism

I Love Cats - Hate Racism - cats also, obviously, hate racism. Show of your cat-lover anti-racist sass!

11. I don't know, I'm just a cat

We can all talk to our cats all we want, but they will never know what we're saying. But that's okay, we still love them, Just like we love our clueless friends this design would be perfect for!

12. The World is Fucked But At Least We Have Cats Orange Cat

The World is Fucked But At Least We Have Cats! See which cat reminds you most of your furry little friend and match them with this hilarious, slightly optimistic and sarcastic cat design. Me-WOW

13. Cat Daddy

Show the world that you're the proud father of your cat with this funny, cat daddy shirt!

14. Cats With Buttcheeks

These kitties know they're thicc, so why not show it off? That booty be PAWppin! I like cat butts and I cannot lie!

15. Pet Cats. Hail Satan

If you pet a cat you are worshipping satan. The beast resides in all of our feline associates. Inside resides the purest form of evil. So release the beast in every kitty by petting them on their bellies. Soon you will find your arms are covered in blood for their rituals to summon the spawn of satan himself. So with this design, Pet cats and hail satan!

16. My Cat Has No Idea We Live in a Hellscape

Oh, what I'd give to be a clueless cat that only has to care about eating, sleeping, and being cute... Show that you're coping with this, "My Cat Has No Idea We Live in a Hellscape" existential, cat lover's design.

17. Kawaii Squishy Face Animals

A lot of animals tend to squish their cheeks when cleaning, and it's incredibly cute!! This kawaii pattern is here to infinitely recreate that heart bursting sensation of happiness from witnessing such an adorable behavior!

18. Cats Wearing Dinosaur Costumes

Everybody loves cat costumes! This pillow pattern has cranky and slightly satisfied cats wearing dinosaur costumes with cat paw prints and dino foot prints. Watch out for these felines who are impersonating a ankylosaurus, triceratops, t-rex, and stegosaurus!

19. Feral Girl Summer Cat

Ditch purrrrfectionism and live your best feral girl life with this, Feral Girl Summer cat design featuring a sassy black cat! Get weird and do what you want.

20. Buff Cat Calico

Buff Cat. Someone call a vet, these kitties are cute! Show your love for swole bodies and good kitty cats with this body building and house cat inspired design.

21. Over-educated Cat Lady

I'm just a sad, lonely, over-educated, under-loved, millennial - but at least my cats love me! Show off your sassy sarcasm and love of cats with this funny, "Over-educated Cat Lady" black cat design!

22. Respect My Privacy Kitten

Leave me alone, I've got shit to do! Show off your sassy kitten spunk with this funny, "Respect My Privacy" with a kitten in a litterbox.

23. Blackpurrd & Pawnnet (Cat Blackbeard & Cat Bonnet)

Be gay & do crime with this hyper cute parody pirate cat design of the infamous Blackbeard and his partner in crime, Stede Bonnet.

24. Cat You Later

Cat You later bud. I got places to be. Be cool n aloof with this sick cat pun that's kitten around town on a skateboard.

25. I Am The View Cat

The view? Bitch... I AM the view. Cats on windowsills chill there because they KNOW. They are the view.

26. Crab Raccoon

Why have crab ragoon when you can have crab raccoon!? Clearly they are the cuter, more superior option.

27. I love my weird cats

Wow, what strange cats, but still lovable all the same! These fluffy critters are full of energy... well, when they aren't sleeping, anyway. Great for totoro and ghibli lovers!

28. I Love My Cat Mothman

I Love My Cat. My cat is Mothman. Mothcat. Show off your love for cats and Crytpids with this adorable winged kitty!

29. Cryptid Cat

This cat is a friggin' legend. Embrace your love of cats and cryptids with this funny Cryptid Cat drawing! Perfect for exploring nature, loving cats, and searching for Sasquatch cats!


look at this purr pile! What a MEOWNTAIN! Even the trash cats are here!

31. Death and Kitty

Death and Kitty. The Grim Reaper's favorite animal must be cats because they are deadly little agents of murder. Show your love for cute skulls and cute cats with this design.

32. Cute and Chonky

My shape is round, and that's okay! I'm still adorable, and i'm still loved. Thicc kitty on the move!

33. Nine Lives Reaper Cat

Just a cat collecting their nine lives! Show how every cat gathers nine lives with this funny grim reaper, illustrative cat design. Perfect for loving cat jokes, visual puns, and clever humor!

34. Sushi Cats Pattern

Sushi, sashimi, soy sauce, roe, just all the essentials! But make it - mew mewshi! Show off your love for sushi and cats with this kawaii inspired designed.

35. Meowterial Purrl

Meowterial Purrl, MATERIAL GWORL! This kitty is a baddie, and you are too girl!

36. I Am Here To Eat and Scream

I am just here to eat and scream! Channel the chaotic and hungry energy of a cat with this funny, sassy, cat design.

37. Shut The Fluff Up! Cat

Hey you - shut the fluff up! Express your annoyed feelings and wanting peace and quiet with this funny, "Shut The Fluff Up!" cute, sassy cat design!

38. Gyoz~nya (Cat Gyoza)

Be cute n crispy with this kawaii cat shaped gyoza!! Perfect for foodies and cat lovers alike!

39. Kawaii Squish Cat

Give this adorable kitty a hug; give it all the squish it deserves! Don't wait and get yourself this kawaii design made just for you.

40. Meower Glass

We all know cats are liquid, that they fit in any container they are put in. Well this kitty rather be sand. Same concept, right??

41. Dubious Little Creature Cat

Get up to some mischief with this adorably threatening kitty! Dubious, Adorable, and ready to get into some trouble >:3

42. Oh Lawd He Comin' Tiger

Oh Lawd he comin'! This tiger is ready to roll. Show off your love of tigers and chonky animals with this adorable, "Oh Lawd He Comin'" round tiger design!

43. Cuss Cat Motherfluffer

Motherfluffer. An expression for the ages. Show off your sassy cattitude with this funny cat design!

44. Trying To Get My Shit Together

Get yourself together and get your shit together! Start adulting and get yourself together with this funny, cat shirt!

45. Just Loafin'

Kitties do be loafin'! Loaf up with this adorable feline.

46. Cryptid Cat

This cat is a friggin' legend. Embrace your love of cats and cryptids with this funny Cryptid Cat drawing! Perfect for exploring nature, loving cats, and searching for Sasquatch cats!

47. Look At This Distinguished Gentleman Cat

Look at the way he is sitting, yes, very distinguished, mhm. Show off your love of cats and catchphrases with this funny, cute, "Look At This Distinguished Gentleman" tuxedo cat design!

48. Everything Is Fine Cat

Show off your love of cats with this super cute and adorable pet lover's, everything is FINE shirt! Let the world know you are super chill and nobody should worry about you because everything is fine.

49. Dogs Can't Operate an MRI Machine

Dogs can't operate a MRI machine, but catscan. Show you're love of bad puns with this funny medical cat themed design.

50. Gamer Cats

Gamers are kind of like cats, they like to sit around, snack and play games all day! Show off your love for cats and your gamer pride with this cute and nerdy, gamer cat shirt!